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Our vision, our mission, our passion.

Our Mission

To help churches create and maintain a church security team and a secure and welcoming atmosphere through dynamic, practical and cutting edge seminars and workshops.


Our Objectives:

Minimal disruption to existing church flow.

Relevant, practical and theologically sound approaches to church security and safety.

Enhanced safety and security for all of our church partners and seminar attendees.


Psalm 144 Church Security Seminars teaches small to medium sized churches how to implement proper people and procedures to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere; while still maintaining the correct level of command presence and needed vigilance through purposeful planning. Through seminars and workshops, Psalm 144 teaches church staff how to address the tension between criminal justice, social psychology and theology to create and customize a relevant, dynamic and practical security plan for their church. Psalm 144 incorporates role playing, physical pain compliance techniques, lectures and drills in our seminars and workshops to teach the church how to identify and handle predatory behavior, disruptive individuals and other disturbances while minimizing the threats to the congregation at large.


Increased Safety. Increased Security. Guaranteed results.


Advisory Board.


Timothy J Fancher

A Seminary graduate and the founder of Psalm 144 Church Protection Seminars. Fancher is a 4th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate and is also the founder of American Street Edge Self-Defense Systems. Fancher is a former police officer with extensive security experience and training. Fancher has been a professional street self-defense instructor since 1999 and has been training in the martial arts for over thirty years. Fancher holds a master of arts in practical theology from ORU, a bachelor of arts in interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis in sociology and an associate of science in criminal justice from Columbia College in Columbia, MO.


Fancher is a recognized expert in church security, children’s’ abduction prevention, street safety awareness and street self-defense. During his time in Columbia, Missouri, Fancher began to specialize in women’s self-defense. Fancher owned and operated ASE Kenpo Karate and became a fixture in local media commenting on crime and personal protection issues. These appearances led to his own radio show, Fancher’s Edge, which was a weekly three-hour inspiration and motivation talk radio show.


In 2010, Fancher felt called to Seminary after graduating Columbia College and moved to Tulsa in January 2011. In 2012, Fancher was made aware of threats coming in to a local, small church due to a viral video and became involved in the situation to help protect the church and its congregation as multiple threats were being made through social media. Fancher realized church security was unlike any other branches of security and began to develop a series of seminars, which became Psalm 144 Church Protection Seminars.


Fancher’s semester long practicum at ORU was formally designing and developing Psalm 144 under the guidance of Dr. James Barber of ORU in 2012. Fancher used his unique background to address the tension between theology, criminal justice and social psychology to create seminars specifically designed for small to medium sized churches.




Larry Parham

A Police Officer and detective for a Gang/Drug Unit in Central Missouri. He has been involved in Law Enforcement for 14 yrs.

While working as a Gang Detective for a small police department, he saw that law enforcement agencies had a problem with sharing information with each other. Using the old tradition of Sunday Dinner, Larry created Gangs & Ribs where surrounding law enforcement agencies were invited to come and share information about Gangs, Drugs etc. then share a meal at a local restaurant. This in turn helped relations with law enforcement and the community by spending money at locally owned businesses.


Over the years Gangs & Ribs has grown from 4 or 5 Officers getting together to over 35 people representing agencies like the Department of Corrections, Highway Patrol, FBI Gang Task Forces and National Drug Intelligence Centers have come to the meetings. Gangs & Ribs is now an International Association with members though out the US, UK and Australia.

Larry is considered an Expert Gang Specialist by the National Gang Crime Research Center in Chicago Illinois. In 2008 he won the Midwest Gang Investigators Association-Missouri Chapter Award for Excellence in Gang Investigations and in 2009 he was awarded the Fredrick Milton Thrasher Award for Superior Service in Law Enforcement by the National Gang Crime Research Center. Detective Parham has taught hundreds of classes about gangs all over the country specializing in Gang Enforcement for Rural Communities. He is also an Adjunct Instructor for the Law Enforcement Training Institute at the University of Missouri.



Randy Russell

Randy Russell, the President of Missouri Judo Inc., began practicing Judo in Mid-Missouri in 1963. He began teaching in 1969. Mr. Russell holds 7th Degree Black Belts in Judo and Jujitsu and is one of the top ranked judokas in America.


Throughout his 50 years of experience in Judo, Mr. Russell has had the opportunity to train and compete with the top judo coaches and competitors in the world. During his competitive years, he was selected to complete against Olympic teams from Japan, Germany, and Korea. Mr. Russell was the 9-time Missouri state Judo champion and was the Marine Corps champion in 1970. In 1976, he was the Missouri Valley AAU Grand Champion.


Mr. Russell is a former Marine and former Deputy Sheriff. He won the Police Olympics Heavyweight division three times. Mr. Russell has extensive security training and has taught law enforcement and security professionals for over 20 years.



Brent Crittenden

Crittenden has 30 years’ experience police officer and is cross deputized as a Cherokee tribal marshal. Crittenden has twenty-six years’ experience as a police firearms instructor and has taught firearms (pistol, rifle, shotgun) to thousands of police officers on a state, local and federal level. Crittenden teaches a wide array of tactics to include, training in SWAT, sniper tactics, automatic weapons, defensive pistol, defensive shotgun, and the long range rifle. Crittenden has over 20 years’ experience training civilians in basic and advanced handgun tactics. Crittenden’s certifications include State of Oklahoma CLEET instructor, basic and advanced firearms, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center instructor (state and local, and tribal) and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation certified concealed carry instructor.


Crittenden serves as the firearms expert and advisor for Psalm 144. He offers assistance in seminars as well as follow up reduced rate firearms instruction to participants of Psalm 144 seminars.



JD McCaw

JD McCaw graduated from Oral Roberts University with degrees in accounting and new testament literature. He is the president of JD McCaw Insurance Agency Inc. He established the agency in 1991 and quickly began to focus on commercial insurance.  With a background in accounting, JD was able to understand business owners’ unique situations and exposure to risks.


In the ever-evolving legal environment, which churches are encountering, it is crucial to have the appropriate insurance program. JD has served in diverse churches over the years, which has allowed him unique insight into church operations, church government, and administration.


Since founding the agency, he has helped his son start his own agency.  Together, they are able to meet a broad spectrum of needs in the church community. JD investigates the risk exposure of churches by inspecting the properties and gathering critical information. There may be sections of the current insurance program that are not needed, but included in the premium whereas there may be some needed but not included in coverage. JD strives to protect churches so that the church can focus on reaching people and assists Psalm 144 with any insurance related questions from church staff that arise from our seminars.



Christine Slusser

Christine Slusser has ten years experience in the field of journalism, first working at a local TV station for five years doing on-air reporting and making custom graphics for a local television show. She was then a reporter at Newsy for five years before being promoted to partner programming editor, a position she still holds today. Christine earned a Bachelor of Broadcast Journalism degree from the University of Missouri and serves as the editor and media consultant for Psalm 144.

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