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Security Assessment

4th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate, Tim Fancher, will visit your church in an undercover capacity to evaluate strengths and weaknesses in your current security plan. Within 72 hours, Fancher will submit an 8 to 10 page document explaining his findings. He will then go over the document in person with church staff or via Skype.




Fancher and his team will conduct a two-part seminar and physical workshop at your church with a focus on recognizing and preventing disturbances and attacks and how to remove a belligerent subject with minimal risk of injury to anyone involved. During the first visit, Fancher will give a ten-minute presentation to the congregation at the end of service stating our objectives and outcomes while presenting a Biblically balanced outline of 144’s approach to purposeful church security.


Immediately after service, Fancher will offer a three-hour workshop to church members interested in becoming part of the Church Protection Team and/or existing church security personnel. This class will teach pain compliance techniques and, to be fully prepared if violence escalates, three American Street Edge self-defense techniques against the most common physical attacks. We will role play out various scenarios from a passive disturbance to a violent physical attack.


Either in person, a recorded video or in an additional reduced-rate class at a local firearms range, our firearms expert will also discuss active shooter scenarios, arming your church protection team and offer additional training and support as needed.  We will also provide you with information and resources on how your insurance might be impacted if you elect to arm your protection team. Fancher will give the team directives to accomplish during the week and will visit your church again the following Sunday.


During the second training session, Fancher will meet with and oversee the Church Protection Team during service. After service, there will be a follow-up one-hour training session to discuss that morning’s security, a comprehensive review of the previous week’s material, new techniques as time allows, and a question and answer session to conclude the training.



Customized Plan of Action

The Psalm 144 team offers a church security manual written exclusively for your church. This manual can be used to train new members of the team and establish written protocol for volunteer security members. This manual is part of the premium package as a follow up to the visit and training session.




Tim Fancher will give a seminar on the reality of violence and some best practices to enhance personal, home, auto, and church security to the congregation at large. The seminar will focus on simple, easy-to- learn methods and techniques to heighten awareness and minimize the chances of being a victim of a violent crime. Fancher will teach methods to recognize possible predatory behavior — such as how to recognize if someone is lying and spot potential red flags in seemingly innocent conversations. Attendees will also be taught how to use environmental awareness and how to project quiet confidence in order to avoid dangerous situations.


This seminar is also designed to help a congregation understand the need for security in church and will offer numerous tips on how to help make their place of worship a safe place for everyone.


Continued Support

If needed, Psalm 144 will offer email, phone calls, and follow-up visits as new questions and security and safety issues arise. All churches that have hosted at least one seminar will have exclusive access to new videos and articles offered by Psalm 144. If the church has special events that will pose a greater security threat and the need for increased crowd control and child safety measures, Psalm 144 will offer assistance, on-site help and special event training as needed.  All rights reserved.

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